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    Now that you know all about the features and benefits of the best mineral foundations available online, assess your needs and pick the one that makes you feel the best. These foundations are easy to apply and help cover blemishes while looking natural. The ones listed here have been formulated without toxic or harmful chemicals, so you can rest assured they will be safe and gentle on the skin. Before making a choice, consider the purpose of use, your skin type, skin tone, and ingredients, which will help you make an informed decision and get the best out of your mineral foundation. So if your regular makeup breaks you out then its time to switch to mineral makeup. No just in foundations but primers, loose powders, etc. Let me know your recommended mineral brands. Tool-wise, most (especially the loose powder versions) are best applied by buffing into the skin with a fairly dense, domed, short-handled brush. Our current favourite is bareMinerals’ Seamless Buffing Brush (ВЈ24,; available September 1), which makes a good investment if you find the built-in brush in your chosen formula a little too rough on the skin. Basic Line: You can use a white liner to trim the bottom line A waterline that fits your bright red lips. If you’re a fan of Scarlet Johanson, you know how much she loves this trick. It’s no wonder that always looks very fresh. 7. Eyeshadow Base: You can use a white liner on your eyelashes before applying a colored matte eyeshadow. 0 followers • 0 videos Never use dark liner on your waterline – it will make your eyes look smaller. Try a white or nude liner in order to open your eyes up. When I started wearing white eyeliner along my waterline a few years ago, every single time I’d do it I’d sing that song from Aladdin… While layering your favorite black or brown liner over white-lined eyes is a cool beauty trick, doing the opposite is a big beauty mistake. Instead, consider blending it with your go-to black or brown liner, a trick Mallon says “can be brightening and chic.” “It’s all about contrast,” she continues. “Think highlight and contour for the eyes: white will attract light and dark colors will recess. It’s all about balance.”

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